Welcome to the Sierra Nevada Chapter of the California Dressage Society's website! We are a progressive chapter of 100 plus members from Northern Nevada and the outlying areas sharing the same passion, dressage!


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~~~~~ May News and Communications ~~~~~

CDS Junior Young Rider Clinic News:

Our chapter representative for the CDS Jr clinic at Starr Vaughn June 20th-21st with Charlotte Berdahl will be Reilly Strahan. Cyd Curle is the chapter alternate.

Custom Stock Ties:

Need a new stock tie or vintage pin to spiff up your show attire? Dara James Designs proudly introduces new stock tie designs for the dressage show ring! Dara James Designs was founded by our very own SNC member, Susan Ward. All Dara James Designs products are hand made to the highest quality level. A portion of proceeds will go to the Equestrian Aid Foundation, specifically for those affected by breast cancer. Visit www.darajamesdesigns.com.


Chapter meetings are held one evening each month unless otherwise determined by the Board Of Directors. The location of the meetings will be posted to the web site and announced to the group prior to the meetings. Meetings are open to the membership.

Next Chapter Meeting: May 11, 2015 at 6:30pm at Susan Ward's home. Email Susan at sw4horses@gmail.com for directions.

This meeting is very important, and you should be there, as we will be discussing show issues in general (venue, number of arenas, indoor vs. outdoor, enforcing the rules re incomplete and late entries, etc. etc.) and we want to know your opinion! We will circulate an agenda to everyone before the meeting so you can starting thinking about the decisions we need to make as a chapter.

Also, the next meeting will focus on the July show in particular, including the fabulous Saturday night party and silent auction, along with the general show issues mentioned above. Popularity is a nice problem to have with more competitors than we can comfortably handle with one arena at our shows, but we need to deal with it!! Since we donít have a perfect solution, we just need to agree on which imperfect solution we should go with, as people do have different opinions on some pretty big issues.


If you would like to stay up to date with current events in the chapter, join our SNC-CDS e-mail list. All announcements regarding ride times, show results and the newsletter are sent out via the list. To sign up for the list, go to the Yahoo SNC-CDS page and click on "Join". If you have any problems signing up on Yahoo or other questions please feel free to contact us.

To become a Sierra Nevada Chapter member of the California Dressage Society, please use the following link Join CDS.If you wish to be a member of SNC please make that your chapter preference.